JESUS HEALS THE SICK MINISTRIES holds crusades and open air meetings in towns and cities across the nations, our crusades are conducted based on certain key principles, one of which is the principle of unity, we endeavour to bring together Churches and ministries in the Crusade area to form a huge giant gospel net to throw over the crusade area.

We believe that if we can bring the Church together under the banner of the gospel, it will prove a very effective tool to see God’s power  fall on whole areas as well as bring healing to the local Church.

Our message is Jesus and Jesus alone. He is the savior, healer, baptizer in the Holy Ghost and the King who is coming again.

Our crusades typically are planned over a long time with a considerable investment in time and finances. Training is key for us and our desire is to leave the Churches better and healthier than we met them.

We are always looking for ways to create gospel bridges across the nations and the cities of the world with the simple message of Jesus Christ.