One day with Jesus

Years ago during a session of prayer the Lord spoke to Tonye Oliver saying

‘God has a miracle for every need’

One day with Jesus  is a one day miracle service, an opportunity to reach out and experience the healing hands of Jesus.

Most One Day with Jesus meetings are held as a partnership between our ministry and various local Churches, this partnership between JHTS ministries and the local Church strengthens the local Church and supports their evangelistic ministries, bringing the healing power of Jesus to save heal and deliver to various communities around the nations

Each One day of Jesus meeting is a time of intense worship and fellowship as yokes and bondages of diseases and sicknesses fall of people and many are saved. Do not stay back, come under this great anointing that is guaranteed to break the chains of sickness off you and usher you into a new season of wholeness.

Apostolic Ministers Conferences

About 20 years ago Jesus spoke to me saying ‘ in the last days I will restore the offices of the Apostle and Prophet to the Church, The Apostolic ministers conferences encourages ministers to embrace the truths of the present apostolic restoration and align themselves to a life of faith and power.

It also establishes a network of faith, unity and cooperation between churches and ministries in a given location for the task of evangelism and revival heralding the ongoing apostolic and prophetic restoration.

To host a Apostolic Ministers Conference in your area contact us

Gospel Crusades

JHTS hosts crusades in communities and cities around the nations, working with local churches and Christian organizations and spreading a huge gospel net over such cities and communities. As we proclaim Jesus as the Christ multitudes are healed, delivered and saved to the glory of God.

To find out about a crusade in your area or to host a JHTS Crusade in your area please contact us